Weeds - Spray & Grow


Are unsightly weeds and grasses taking over your property?

If you don’t enjoy significant amounts of time with your shovel or hand sprayer controlling weeds, give us a call for a quote. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Our efficient application techniques and access to lower cost concentrated materials provide effective, affordable weed control. Typical uses include driveways, vacant lots, garden borders, etc.

We can kill all of the weeds in a particular area, apply selective herbicides that kill weeds and leave grasses, or apply a ground sterilant to keep any vegetation from coming back the rest of the year.

Total Vegetation Killer

A specific formula of herbicides are used to eradicate all vegetation growing in the applied areas. Depending on climate conditions weed recovery after the application is usually minimal.

Pre-emergent Weed Control Spray

Applied early in the season before weed growth occurs. It can be used for lots, driveways, fence lines, and any area where it is better to have no vegetation growth occur. It may also be applied to landscape bedding areas with different products that are safe for the bedding plants, but prevents or reduces the weed growth occurring there.

Selective Weed Control Spray

In lawns or pastures where grass is desired, but weeds are not, specially-formulated herbicides can be used to eliminate many weeds without damage to the desired areas.