FAQs - Spray & Grow


  • What areas do you serve?

    All areas of the Klamath Basin that are within the Oregon border.

  • What areas do you spray?

    We can service any area on the exterior of your home. We can inspect your trees, shrubs, and landscape plants to apply the needed materials to keep them healthy.

    If household pests such as spiders and ants are your main problem, we can apply the appropriate techniques around your house exterior to keep them out. This can include spraying around the foundation, eaves, and window casings or using baits.

  • What should I do prior to Technicians’ arrival?

    • Pet dishes and children’s toys should be picked up and put away.
    • Windows and doors should be closed.
    • Schedule service after sprinkler systems are done or have them off the day of service.

  • Do we need to leave during service?

    No. Even though our materials have low toxicity, low odor and are pet friendly, we recommend people and pets stay inside while our technician is performing your service.

  • How long after spraying should I wait before watering or letting children and animals outside on lawn?

    Generally after one hour or once material has dried. Watering and rain do little to shorten residuals, as our additives and stickers are designed to prevent that. However, if we have just sprayed your lawn for broadleaf weeds, we recommend that you don’t water until the following day to maximize absorption into the plants.

  • Does weather affect scheduling?

    Inclement weather may temporarily interrupt our service. If this happens our scheduled work can be delayed. Our team will communicate with you and reschedule your service as soon as possible.